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In response to a reader request for some sensational skincare products from LUSH, I've got a ton for you! LUSH products are phenomenal, whether you're going for bath products, skincare, or hair care. The best part is that you're treating yourself to natural products that aren't filled with all the harsh chemicals you so often find in drugstore products. Whether you've got a LUSH store close by or have to order from their fantastic online shop, take a look at these amazing skincare products from LUSH that will serve you wonderfully in winter, spring, summer, and fall!

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Grease Lightning

Grease Lightning If you have acne prone skin, you'll love this. It's not a spray, but rather a gel cleanser that targets all those pesky spots. Using tea tree, thyme, rosemary, and aloe, it will soothe your skin while cleaning away the debris that clogs your pores. In addition to targeting existing blemishes, it's an excellent preventative as well, provided you use it regularly – and once you experience how it feels on your skin, you'll want to use it every day. It's one of the best skincare products from LUSH for anyone with problem skin, and it's yours for $13.95.


Ocean Salt

Ocean Salt LUSH has so many excellent scrubs, you can find one for any skin type or problem. Ocean Salt is a fantastic all around scrub that uses the minerals found in sea salt to get rid of any dirt, debris, and dead skin cells blocking your pores. Thanks to the coconut and avocado, it will also leave your skin soft, hydrated, and supple. It doesn't stop there, though – there's also vodka and lime, which have antibacterial properties that will brighten your skin and banish any blemishes. Prices range between $21.95 and $35.95 depending on the size you buy, but a little bit goes a long way.


Aqua Marina

Aqua Marina Available for just $13.95, this is the wash you'll want if you ever suffer from dry, irritated, or itchy skin. Classified as a “calming calamine wash,” it soothes and softens, making it particularly ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. It's also great for dry, normal, and combination skin, however, so you can really benefit no matter what.


Tea Tree Toner Tab

Tea Tree Toner Tab At $1.95 each, you'll want to buy stock in these toner tabs. LUSH has plenty of other tabs to choose from, and they're all wonderful for giving you an affordable at-home spa treatment. I picked these tabs because the tea tree is wonderful for leaving your skin toned and getting rid of blemishes. Whatever tab you choose, all you have to do is create your own steam by dropping the tab into a container filled with hot water; afterward, you can go a step further and use the liquid, once it's cooled a bit. LUSH advises you can even save the water in a bottle, as long as you use it within a day or two.


Enchanted Eye Cream

Enchanted Eye Cream Your skincare regimen should always extend to your eyes, and you won't find anything better than Enchanted Eye Cream. It takes care of the delicate, sensitive skin beneath your eyes, minimizes the appearance of fine lines, and even dims those dark smudges with a mix of lavender honey water, jojoba oil, and cold-pressed almond oil. A little dab will do you, so the $26.95 you'll pay for 5 ounces is well worth the expense – I promise; I swear by this stuff!


Full of Grace

Full of Grace Forget about soaping up with your regular bar. This moisturizing bar is entirely free of preservatives. Instead, it relies on tropical butters, chamomile, and even mushroom extracts (for the antioxidants) to leave your skin smooth, supple, glowing, and fully conditioned. The $14.95 bar is technically for the face, but you'll want to use it on your neck, throat, and décolletage as well.


Brazened Honey

Brazened Honey If your skin is irritated, congested, oily, or troubles you in any way, this is all you need. LUSH says that this facial mask was inspired by Indian Ayurvedic skincare, and you can tell from the ingredients. Lather this on your face and you're getting all the benefits of free range eggs, lime oil, honey, spices, Kaolin clay, and ground almonds. Any time you want to detox your skin or get rid of impurities, this should be your number one cleansing mask. You can get it for $6.95, but check in your local store first – and don't forget to check out the other face masks available. You might want more than one!


Ro's Argan Body Conditioner

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner Proper skincare means taking care of your entire body, and that's what this conditioner does. It's a shower lotion with a fresh, luscious rose scent. It uses cupuacu and cocoa butters, Argan and almond oils, and rose petals, of course, to leave your entire body soft, smooth, and fully moisturized. Wash off with your favorite body wash and then, while you're still in the shower, rub this all over. Rinse as usual, and marvel over your skin when you climb out of the shower. You get nearly 8 ounces for $32.95.


Aqua Mirabilis

Aqua Mirabilis This butter bar is just luxurious. You'll feel like you spent all day in a spa! Give yourself a massage right in the shower, and instantly banish dead skin and any rough or irritated areas. It's ideal for dry or combination skin, using almond and cocoa butters to smooth and hydrate your skin. The addition of rose oil and sandalwood oil will also sooth away any redness, plus the combination smells divine. It's yours for $10.95.

This is but a small selection of the amazing skincare products LUSH has to offer. No matter your skin type, your favorite scent, or your particular needs, you'll definitely be able to find something that takes care of your skin. What's your favorite LUSH skincare product? Are you in love with their facial masks, a fan of their lotions, or do you have another recommendation?

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Oh my god lush. Seriously amazing stuff. Now I'm in the mood to visit a lush shop! (:

too bad a lot of their products have parabans in them :(

I use their deodorant bar and I love it! It has such a fresh scent that's gender neutral. I also love that it doesn't have aluminum in it.

Let the good times roll cleanser is amazing!

Guess who's taking a trip to the King Of Prussia Lush store next week? Lol can't waiiiit

I love their products! My skin feels so clean and refreshed after using them

Been wanting to try Lush.

I love it to but it's really expensive

I love lush!! My favorite bubble bar is the comforter!

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