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One of the best masks you can purchase for your skin is bentonite clay, and there are many reasons to use bentonite clay for beautiful skin. It is a healing clay that is composed of volcanic ash, and it is rich in minerals, with 61.4 percent of the clay being composed of silica. All of the minerals make this clay a wonderful facial mask, because it helps your skin look healthy and beautiful. While the minerals are great for your skin, there are many other reasons to use bentonite clay.

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Soft Skin

One of the reasons to use bentonite clay is because it has an amazing ability to make your skin soft and smooth. I started using bentonite clay masks this past winter when my skin was rough and dry. While I expected the mask to make my skin clean, I was surprised by how soft my skin was. It felt like had exfoliated my skin! The silica in the clay is one of the biggest reasons it creates soft skin. Silica is a mineral that boosts collagen production, thereby giving you baby soft skin!


Glowing Skin

Another benefit of using bentonite clay masks is they make your skin glow. Bentonite clay increases circulation wherever it is applied. As a result, blood flows to your face and your healthy glow is restored! The great thing about bentonite clay is you do not have to wait long for it to make you skin glow. My skin was glowing after one use!


Detoxifies Skin

One of the biggest reasons people use bentonite clay is for its detoxifying properties. Bentonite clay is unique in that it has negatively charged ions. The negative ions attract the positively charged toxins in your skin and pulls them out! The result of this detoxifying action is pure, clean skin.


Acne Treatment

Bentonite clay masks are wonderful for clearing up acne. The mask absorbs excess sebum, which is the primary cause of acne. If you do use bentonite clay for acne, try not to get too excited. Using it too often can cause dryness and irritation. To get rid of acne and prevent dryness, stick to leaving it on for 15 minutes and using it twice a week.


Shrinks Pores

I happen to have large pores on my nose and I discovered one of the benefits of using bentonite clay masks is they shrink pores. The clay tightens skin, which makes your pores look smaller. It is only temporary, but if you have an event to go to, doing the mask several hours beforehand will give you smaller pores!



Skincare products can be very expensive, but bentonite clay happens to be inexpensive. For fewer than 10 dollars you can get a giant jar of bentonite clay powder. To make a mask, you just mix a little bit with water. A little goes a long way, so it lasts for a very long time. It can also replace several expensive skincare products, including other masks, exfoliators, and acne treatments.



When you use bentonite clay you don’t have to worry about putting toxic ingredients on your skin. Many skincare products contain parabens and other questionable ingredients that you don’t want absorbing into your skin. Often synthetic ingredients can cause irritation and rashes. Bentonite clay is pure, and it is mineral rich, which means your skin is actually absorbing beneficial minerals! It also does not cause irritation, unless you are very sensitive. In which case, you can try leaving it on for less time.

When I started using bentonite clay this past winter as a facial mask I was pleasantly surprised by all of the benefits. My skin looked and felt so much better! Using bentonite clay will help you keep your skin beautiful. Have you ever used bentonite clay?

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i love aztec indian healing clay!

will this help with wrinkles?

omg i love my Indian healing clay mask! it feels great on and even after the first use your skin is like whoa! amazing and glowing! **everyone needs this in their lives!! ;)

@konshens use it babe you will love it, skin color has to do nothing with it, its amazing for everyone

where can you buy this at?

I'm dark can I also use it?

indian healing clay i ordered it from amazon n it costed me around dollar 8 something i just mixed it with organic apple cider vinegar and made a thick paste, you can actually feel your face pulsating when it starts to dry..you can see many reviews over it on youtube and on beauty blogs too:)

on amazon or whole foods stores

where do you get it?

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