7 Best Oil Blotting Sheets to Combat Shiny Skin ...

If you have oily skin, oil blotting sheets are a must-have in your beauty arsenal! You can tote these groovy little papers anywhere and they help remove excess oil and keep skin matte and lovely for hours. If you’re new to blotting sheets or are looking into switching brands, check out my list of the seven best oil blotting sheets and welcome matte skin!

1. Boscia Fashionably Matte

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This whimsical set of oil blotting sheets contains two different types of Boscia’s blotting sheets, Green Tea blotting linens and Fresh blotting linens. These blotting linens gently and effectively remove oil from your face without disturbing the rest of your makeup. Perhaps the best thing about this set is the playful and colorful cherry blossom linen holder!

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