7 Best Self-tanning Tips for a Foxy Glow ...


7 Best Self-tanning Tips for a Foxy Glow ...
7 Best Self-tanning Tips for a Foxy Glow ...

I know it might seem a bit early to be talking about self-tanning tips, but let’s face it; some of us like to flaunt a subtle glow all year long! Even if you only rock a tan during the summer, take note of these self-tanning tips now so you can get a head start on your summer glow. You’ll be sitting pretty when it comes time to flaunt your skin!

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Of all the self-tanning tips around, perhaps the most important tip is to properly prep your skin by exfoliating. You can get the most expensive faux tan in the world but it’s not going to look attractive or natural if your skin is dull or rough. Plus, if you don’t exfoliate beforehand, you run the risk of your skin peeling a few days after you self-tan, which can lead to splotchy skin!



An important tip on using self-tanner is to always do a test application about 24-48 hours before you apply it to your body. Some people might have a sensitivity to DHA, which is the colorless sugar derivative that darkens the skin, or other ingredients in the self-tanning product. The last thing you want is an allergic reaction or rash from your tan in a can! It’s better to be safe than sorry!


Go Oil-Free

Since we’re talking about exfoliating, let’s make sure we do it right! Choose a scrub that’s gentle and won’t irritate your skin. Look for scrubs that contain spheres or beads instead of the granular type that can irritate your skin. Also, look for oil-free formulas so it doesn’t create a barrier between the self-tanner and your skin.


Pick Sides

Ok, the next two tips depend on your personal preference so you can feel free to try out both and see which works best for you. There are tanning experts who moisturize before self-tanning and those who prefer to apply faux tanner to dry skin. Personally, I’ve tried both and applying tanner to dry skin, whether it’s spray or cream, seems to work better for me, but it’s totally up to you!



This next self-tanning tip is for the ladies who like to moisturize prior to self-tanning. If you find your skin is on the dry side after you exfoliate, then by all means you should apply a light, even layer of moisturizer to your skin and pay special attention to areas like elbows, knees and heels so you can get more even coverage. Don’t go too crazy with the moisturizer or it’ll act as a barrier like an oily scrub!


High and Dry

If you opt to apply your faux glow on dry skin, choose a self-tanning formula with aloe vera or another moisturizing ingredient. You can also use a body lotion that gradually tans the skin so you get the combo of moisture and you’re getting a gradual tan. Gradual tans are a great option if you’re afraid of the oompa loompa look!



The last tip on using self-tanner is to apply your faux tan from the bottom to the top. Applying your tan from the bottom helps to avoid any creases from bending over. Also, no matter what type of faux tan you use, always keep your hands or the bottle moving so the coverage is consistent and even. Lastly, avoid sweating, swimming, bathing or showering for about 6-8 hours after you tan your skin to let it set.

These self-tanning tips might seem very basic but they’re quite important when you’re trying to achieve the most natural-looking faux tan. If you’ve never tried out self-tanners before, tan experts usually recommend experimenting with spray, gel or mousse formulas, which are easier to control and apply. Do you have an y foolproof tips to achieve the foxiest tan? Please share your tips with us!

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I hate spray on self tan, most are ones that get darker as you go along and are invisible, it's difficult to see where you have or haven't sprayed and the horrible tan lines are then a nightmare

I work in a tanning studio that has a spray tanning booth,

:) love this!

Thanks for the tips. These are really helpful.

I need tips on the "after you have a faux tan" part... Like, how often to moisturize, when to start exfoliating... I can never keep the tan or reapply it without getting splotchy or having to wait so long I'm ghostly again

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