Why Homemade Scrubs Are Better than Store-Bought Scrubs ...


Why Homemade Scrubs Are Better than Store-Bought Scrubs ...
Why Homemade Scrubs Are Better than Store-Bought Scrubs ...

If you are somebody who likes to keep on top of all of the latest health and beauty trends, then I’m sure you will be well aware of the scrub explosion that has taken place over the last few years. Beauty scrubs have become one of the most popular products across the industry, but in some places that are also among the most expensive, which obviously isn’t ideal! If you don’t have lots of spare cash to spend on beauty products, then you might want to think about making your own. I actually think they can be much better! Here is why homemade scrubs are better than store bought ones.

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You Have Control over What You’re Putting on Your Skin

When you make your own scrubs, you have complete control over the ingredients that you put in to them. You can choose ingredients that are all safe for you personally and suit your skin type down to a tee.


DIY Scrubs save You Money

The fact of the matter is that lots of beauty brands have the ability to raise the prices of their products simply because their well established name is on it. If you take a look at the ingredients list for an expensive scrub, there is never anything special on there that you can’t obtain by yourself. If you make the effort you can basically recreate the most expensive scrubs on the market for a portion of the price by collecting everything you need separately!


It’s Fun to Make Your Own Toiletries

At the end of the day, it’s just kind of fun to be able to make something so beneficial with your own two hands! Some people like to bake, some people like to knit, why can’t your thing be making homemade beauty scrubs? I’m sure your family and friends will enjoy receiving the fruits of your labour in gift form too!


You Aren’t Making Promises You Don’t Keep

It’s a sad fact that many people have grown distrustful of the promises that the beauty industry make these days with regards to their ethical status. Just because a product claims to be natural or organic, it doesn’t always translate into the kind of expectation that you might have. To be as safe as possible it is always best to make your own; then you will know exactly where everything has been sourced from.


It’s Satisfying

If you have the time to do it, there is just something really satisfying about being able to produce something with your own hands that can have a long term, beneficial effect on your body. It’s a form of self care just like exercise and a healthy diet. Making your own beauty scrubs is an extreme form of self care that we think is really wonderful!

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