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Ladies, can you walk into a store and find coffee scrub? Probably not. If you can, write me a comment, please. I think coffee scrub is one-of-a-kind. There are quite a few YouTube videos about it, but all contain the same ingredients. The video below is my favorite.

Whether for yourself or for your friends, a cute and unique treat.

Jessica shows you just what to do and so easily. See you after the video!

Published on Dec 1, 2016

Are you on a budget and thinking of Christmas already? DIY coffee scrub is perfect for gift-giving! Sure, this is simply summer, but you can be stocking up on some of the supplies.

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I recently bought jars with a Sunday circular $2.00 coupon. What would have been $8.99 ended up $6.99 for 12! Look at yard sales too!

2. Stickers, Tags and Bows

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Dress up your jars however your little heart desires!

3. Coffee

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Do you realize how many applications a big and cheap can of coffee grounds are going to give?

4. Coconut Oil

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Look at your various stores for the best cost. Some stores are astronomical with coconut oil but then some stores are cheap.

5. Cinnamon

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Buy at the local dollar store for a buck.

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Also, buy at the local dollar store.

Like Jessica says, only use this about twice a week.

An economical way to have radiant skin! I think you are going to be the talk at Christmas amongst your girl pals. They are going to come back for more!

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