The Best Reasons to Use Coconut Oil on Your Skin ...


The Best Reasons to Use Coconut Oil on Your Skin ...
The Best Reasons to Use Coconut Oil on Your Skin ...

One of the best and equally worst parts about the skincare industry is the fact there are so many different products and different opinions floating around. Whereas one person might say one brand or ingredient is the be all and end all, another might say that it is the worst thing you can put on your body! The trouble with finding your perfect skincare regime is in wading through all of this information and sorting out the facts from the fiction. Well, you’ve come to the right place! I believe in the power of the coconut. Here are some of the best reasons to use coconut oil on your skin.

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Bacteria Shield

Coconut oil can act as a great form of protection for your skin against bacteria, and this can obviously reduce the risk of catching various bacterial infections and experiencing irritation. The bacteria fighting is down to the lauric acid that is present in high amounts, and as a result it can be really good for treating ailments like acne.



A small amount of coconut oil can go a long long way, and that makes it perfect for deep and meaningful moisturising. It gets to work really quickly, seeping into your pores almost instantly and penetrating deeper than a lot of high-end products that are made from other ingredients. It’s best to apply a layer of coconut oil to your skin after you have had a shower, and allow it around ten minutes to really absorb properly.


Massage Oil

Thanks to its moisturising qualities, coconut oil is a brilliant candidate for a natural massage oil. High-end examples of massage oil can be unnecessarily expensive, so why would you opt for those when you have an oil that firstly, smells amazing, and secondly, will moisturise your body whilst simultaneously giving it the perfect amount of lubrication for a great massage?


Body Scrub

Coconut oil can also make for one of the key ingredients in a wonderful homemade body scrub. All you need to do it melt half a cup of oil and pour it over a cup of brown sugar. Stir it up really well and proceed to massage it in to your body for fantastic feeling dead skin cell removal. You will smell and feel amazing at a fraction of the cost of high-end body scrubs from big name brands.


Dry Hands

Coconut oil is perfect for providing relief from dry and flaky hands. Because of its ability to seep into your pores in hardly any time at all, it succeeds in moisturising whilst not leaving any sticky or annoying residue on your hands.


Make up Remover

Lots of makeup remover liquids can contain some really harsh chemicals that aren’t recommended for sensitive skin, so instead you should use coconut oil. It has the same great success with none of the potential chemical irritation.

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