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Ladies, if you’re one of the many women with oily skin like me and it’s got you wondering if there are any benefits of oily skin, this article is for you! Let’s face it, we always think the grass is greener on the other side, and those of with oily skin think dry skin is so much easier to deal with, but I’ve found 7 little known benefits to having oily skin that I think will surprise and delight you!

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Brownie Points

One of the little known benefits of oily skin is that it tans easier than other types of skin. I know, we are always discouraged to tan and I’m definitely not recommending you go and douse yourself in cooking oil and bake in the sun! I’m merely mentioning this fact to those of you who have oily skin and already tan so that you know that you can enjoy a more even tan that those with other types of skin.


G.I. Jane

Another one of the major advantages of having oily skin is that is totally camouflages fine lines and wrinkles and shows the sign of aging at a much slower rate than any other skin type. Yeah, it sucks to have to have to buy an economy sized box of blotting papers but the fact that our skin conceals lines and wrinkles is an awesome trade-off!


Fresh Faced

This little factoid might not seem like a benefit of having oily skin, but it actually is! Having oily skin gives you a natural glow on your face without having to use beauty products to achieve the look! You might not think a shiny T-zone is cute, but believe me; people buy products to mimic the look you get naturally and having oily skin gives you a healthy glow!


Low Maintenance

Advantages of having oily skin also include being low maintenance in terms of skincare. I know, clogged pores and constantly reapplying makeup is not low maintenance in your eyes! However, compared to potential skin problems that other skin types suffer from, oily-skinned gals have it much easier so the experts say.


Skin so Soft

An additional benefit of having oily skin is that your skin will be softer and more moisturized over the years. Being a teen with oily skin can be the pits with frequent breakouts and other skin problems but as we age, oily skin has a suppler and soft look to it and the frequency of acne should decrease significantly.


Thick Skin

One of the best benefits of oily skin is that it’s very resilient against environmental elements. Oily- skinned ladies can enjoy having skin that can face all sorts of different environments and not be affected by it! Oily skin laughs in the face of wind and sun because our thicker and moister skin can take more of what the earth dishes out!


Cheap Upkeep

Lastly, one of the top benefits of oily skin is that our skincare routine is cheap! Yeah, our foundation can change color in the middle of the day but all in all, compared to some other skin types, we have it pretty inexpensive. Compared to skin care regimens of other types of skin, we probably use 1 or 2 other products which are relatively low-cost!

Do you agree with these benefits of oily skin? Although having oily skin can definitely be annoying and frustrating, but we’ve got to make the best of the hand that our skin was dealt with and work with our slick skin! What do you think the benefits of having oily skin are?

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YAAAY! I'm an oily! :D

I have combination skin but it's more oily than anything else. I'm really glad to hear some benefits to my problem.

I have to disagree with an oily face being a cheap upkeep. While we don't have to spend a whole lot of money on expensive moisturizers, we do usually invest in acne treatments, paper blotters, cleansers, things that keep our face clean, pimple free, and less sticky. An although an argument could be, "Oh, everybody gets pimples! Everybody needs cleansers!" oily skin generally is more prone to acne and dirty pores, and probably takes a lot more time and money than someone with dry skin.

Aakash: Hey! I love my skin but my skin was oily , lots of pimpals & spots. Please! give me a suggation how to get a narmal face.Thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is perfect for me right now. I was feeling down about my oily skin because I break out a lot :( But my mom is 45 and a lot of people think she is much younger. So I have that going for me, which is nice.

I love my skin, but during school its kinda embarassing to have an oily forehead and nose all the time. I use oil absorbing sheets sometimes for my face, but it only works for a couple of hours. I like to swim in the pool because the chlorine dries it up some. Any other suggestions? Or any products that could help reduce the appearance of the oily T-zone? Im also a teenager yayy me...lol

I'm 23 but I've always had oily skin so I use Bare Minerals which is a mineral powder foundation. It makes my face feel cleaner than if I were to use a liquid foundation.

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