8 Super Benefits of Face Masks ...


8 Super Benefits of Face Masks ...
8 Super Benefits of Face Masks ...

If you need any more reasons to use masks as part of your skin care routine, take a look at these 8 benefits of face masks! Face masks are a nice and easy way to treat your skin to all kinds of skin goodies and give yourself a mini facial in a matter of minutes! Whether you’ve got a special occasion coming up or you just want your skin to look its very best for every day, read up on these benefits of face masks to achieve happy, healthy skin!

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Assorted Benefits

One of the main benefits of face masks is that they offer a wide range of skin care benefits in one easy application. You can use a face mask to clarify, moisturize, cleanse or lighten your skin, the list can go on and on. There’s a face mask for just about every skin type and skin issue you can imagine!



Another one of the great benefits of skin care treatments is that they can be very relaxing. And what better way to pamper your skin and de-stress than with a calming face mask? Whether you use a cream or sheet mask, you’ll feel great during the process and feel good knowing you’re doing your skin a huge favor!


Treatment Control

Using a cream-based face mask allows you to control exactly where you apply the treatment and how much of it you want to use. Maybe you want to spot treat some acne or apply a deep cleansing mask to just your nose. You can use these masks however you see fit so they’re totally convenient to do whether you just need a quick fix or a more intense treatment.


Easy to Use

Using a face mask might seem like a hassle to some people but they’re actually incredibly simple to use! If you’ve got a few minutes, a bare face and mask, you’re good to go! You don’t have to worry about layering the right products on top of each other or doing anything fancy-just apply, wait and wash off! Face masks are one of the easiest and quickest ways to give your skin a big boost without a bunch of fuss!



If you’re a babe on a budget, using premium skin care products can get pretty expensive. But, if you have the skin care basics like a good cleanser and moisturizer, you can save money on other pricey skin care products by using nourishing face masks. You can DIY to make your own all-natural mask or buy sheet or cream masks that contain top notch skin care ingredients that can be quite pricey if you bought them on their own.



One thing I love about sheet masks is that you can take and use them just about anywhere. They’re super slim so you can pack them away without taking your entire skin care arsenal and without taking up valuable space in your carry-on! Got some down time while you’re in the car, train or plane? Why not use a face mask? You can use them pretty much anywhere you’re willing to be seen with one on!


Double Duty

Yet another benefit of face masks is that some offer double the skin care benefits! Allow me to explain. If you’ve ever seen the face mask combos like a scrub and mask in one, you’re basically getting two skin care treatments in one product! First, you’re polishing away old skin cells with the scrub and then applying a mask to purify, brighten or nourish the new skin you just revealed!



I love creating and customizing my beauty products and you can easily do that when you make your own face masks! If you DIY a cream mask, you can hand-pick the ingredients for an all-natural custom mask suited for your skin type and skin concerns. Or, you can create your own sheet mask by buying a muslin cloth or cotton pads and soaking it with your favorite toner or skin care treatment and you’re set!

There are lots of reasons to add face masks to your skin care regimen and these were just a few of the many benefits! I think face masks are a fun and easy way to pamper yourself without having to spend a ton of money at a spa or on skin care products. Do you use face masks as part of your skin care routine?

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