8 Treasured Tips on Creating an All-natural Skin Care Regimen ...

By Lisa

8 Treasured Tips on Creating an All-natural Skin Care Regimen ...

If you’re tired of commercial beauty products, let’s talk about how to create an all-natural skin care regimen. All-natural skin care products are not only better for our skin but better for our environment as well. So, if you’ve been looking to make the switch from commercial skin care with unpronounceable names to kinder and more natural products, you’ve come to the right place!

1 Love It or Leave It

If you want to know how to create all-natural skin care regimen, let’s start with what you have. Take a long, hard look at the ingredients in your line of skin care products. Some of your skin care might “qualify” as being natural and you might not even need to replace it. However, there will probably be some that are laden with parabens, chemicals and toxins and you’ll definitely want to replace!

2 Streamline the Process

The next step in how to create all-natural skin care regimen is to simplify your vast collection of all things skin care. Check ‘em all out and ask yourself if you really need all the products. Are they all suited for your skin type and skin care concerns or are they just taking up space? Before you switch to Team Natural, look over your collection and determine what you don’t need and streamline. Having an all-natural skin care regimen means reducing unneeded items too!

3 Look for Alternatives

The first step in creating a natural skin care regimen starts with looking for alternatives. What I mean by this is to see if you can replace a skin care product with something you already have access to like coconut oil or apple cider vinegar. By using a product you already have instead of going out and buying something, you’re not only saving your skin from toxic chemicals but you’re also reducing your carbon footprint!

4 Do It Yourself

If you aren’t able to replace a product, how about making your own all-natural skin care product? This might require going out and buying some ingredients but you’ll still be creating all-natural skin care products and you can reuse jars or bottles you already own. There are tons of wonderful natural DIY skin care recipes on All Women Stalk so check them out!

5 Cram Session

If you want to know how to create all-natural skin care regimen, you’ve gotta study up the lingo. Look at lists of all-natural skin care ingredients and learn about what they do before you invest in anything. Store-bought natural skin care products are typically pricier since they’re better quality and can contain expensive ingredients so learn about them before you buy!

6 Forget Fragrances

Speaking of studying ingredients, forgo fragrances when creating a natural skin care regimen. Fragrances often contain toxic chemicals but are able to squeeze through a loophole where those chemicals don’t have to be listed so we’re not often aware of their presence. Choose unscented products or those that use all-natural fragrances to keep skin safe.

7 Choose Natural Packaging

All-natural skin care should come in non-toxic packaging but check out their packaging just in case. Look for products housed in recyclable containers like glass or polypropylene #15, which is a food-safe plastic. Both of these containers are reusable and won’t leach toxins into the product.

8 Look for Organic

When creating a natural skin care regimen, don’t forget about going organic. When you pick products with organic ingredients, you’re choosing products that are void of pesticides and artificial fertilizers, which aren't great for our skin or the earth. Organics are also free of preservatives and synthetic ingredients which are truly nourishing and can heal our skin!

Learning how to create all-natural skin care regimen takes a little time and work but in the end, it’s totally worth it! Adjusting from commercial products with who-knows-what in it to gentler and safer products decreases health risks and are so much kinder to our skin and earth. Do you use natural skin care products? Would you ever consider creating an all-natural skin care regimen?

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