The Best Hand Creams for Supple Skin ...


The Best Hand Creams for Supple Skin ...
The Best Hand Creams for Supple Skin ...

Looking for the best hand creams? With the busyness of our daily lives, our hands are used every day in a multitude of tasks within the home and at work. Our hands can cop a beating, suffering from the effects of harsh chemicals, the weather and dryness, and of course from the issues associated with exposure to the sun. The following are a list of the best hand creams that can help to combat these elements.

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Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream

product, product, skin care, cream, lotion, This cream is great for dry skin. It is lightweight and the scent is not overly strong. Ingredients include colloidal oatmeal, used in many Aveeno products. This cream forms a barrier over the skin that lasts for 24 hours to protect the skin from tasks such as dishwashing and so on.
$5.49 at


Nivea Hand Cream

product, product, skin care, cream, lotion, You cannot go wrong with this cream, not only in its effectiveness but also with the effect on the wallet. Creamy, luxurious and highly affordable, this hand cream is beautifully scented with almond oil. What a great quality buy!
$6.95 at


Rosken Skin Repair Intensive Moisture Hand Cream

product, product, skin care, cream, lotion, Another great value for money product, this one repairs and replenishes lost moisture on the skin. It is absorbed very quickly by the skin and is naturally scented.
$12.99 at


The Body Shop Strawberry Hand Cream

product, skin care, cream, product, lotion, A beautifully scented 100% vegan hand cream, this one is such a beautiful product. It hydrates, softens and protects the hands. What’s even better is the Shea is from Community Trade Ghana.
$7.60 at


Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturizing Hand Treatment

product, product, skin care, cream, lotion, This is an excellent hand cream for heavily dry and chapped skin. It can be used on other parts of the body too. It is also great for skin that is prone to breakouts and other skin conditions. This is from a top cosmetics company and is worth every penny.
$22.00 at


Jurlique Rose Hand Cream

skin care, product, product, cream, lotion, This is an expensive buy but it is a luxurious and premium beauty buy too. The hand cream is very rich and thick and is made by a company that uses natural and organic ingredients in its products.
$39.00 at

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