Can Face Oils Actually Keep You Looking Young?


If you follow beauty news, you’ve probably been hearing tons about the anti-aging benefits of face oils. While they might not be the fountain of youth we all want so badly to find, research shows that face oils do have the power to take a few years off your face and help you retain that youthful radiance you love so much. Of course, you can try face oils, such as grapeseed or sunflower, without knowing anything else, but I prefer to learn a little more about something before I start putting it on my skin. Here’s how to use face oils to preserve your youth, straight from the experts at Good Housekeeping magazine.

1. Counteract Dull Skin

Sometimes you look in the mirror only to find that your skin isn’t looking too great. If dullness is plaguing you, simply rub a dab of face oil between your hands and gently rub it over your face. The oil will hydrate and provide a healthy looking glow that helps you look younger and fresher with very little effort. You can do this over your makeup without messing up your look.

Swap out Your Regular Moisturizer for Face Oil
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