7 Tips to Get Your Skin Ready for a Sexy Close-up ...


7 Tips to Get Your Skin Ready for a Sexy Close-up ...
7 Tips to Get Your Skin Ready for a Sexy Close-up ...

No matter what your skin woes, a close up can really make them stand out. I hate getting my photo taken at close range because everything shows up. However, if you’ve decided it’s time to get a new shot for your Facebook page or your mom is nagging you for a recent headshot for her wall of photos, it’s time to get your skin in shape so your close up will only look flawless and gorgeous. Here’s what to do.

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Switch to Skincare Products Designed for Sensitivity

color, hair, face, eyebrow, blue, Some of the ingredients in skincare that are meant to control certain issues (say, acne) are the very same ones that can cause redness and flakiness on your face. Definitely not good for a photo, right? Experts suggest making the switch to products for sensitive skin so that you can gradually erase the redness and reveal youthful, glowing skin for your close up.


Use a Thicker Moisturizer on Your Face

hair, face, eyebrow, nose, lip, This is important if it’s cold and windy outside. The thicker formula penetrates your skin and helps it stay hydrated, plump and gorgeous. There are lots of options on store shelves so you can surely find a moisturizer that lets you show off the most gorgeous skin in town.


Go to the Salon and Get a Facial

eyebrow, face, hair, black hair, nose, One of your best bets for a close up is to get a facial. This treatment is typically done in a salon by a professional and involves removing the top few layers of your skin, revealing the younger skin beneath. You’ll probably also have blackheads removed and pimples treated. Then, you’ll get a great cleanse and moisturizer so that your skin looks perfect for any photo.


Include a Serum in Your Skincare Routine

hair, face, eyebrow, black hair, nose, Serums are more concentrated forms of moisturizers, brighteners, toners and various other products. There are loads of different serums so choose one that targets your specific skincare needs. The serum will load your skin with what it needs, helping get your skin ready for your close up and anything else that comes your way.


Use Makeup with a Bit of Shimmer

hair, face, black hair, clothing, hairstyle, You don’t want a ton of shimmer because it can show up in photos as shine. But a bit of shimmer can highlight your features and give you a healthy glow that will look wonderful when you look at the pictures. Don’t put shimmer all over your face, but in strategic places, such as your cheekbones and just above your eyebrows.


Soak up Grease with Blotting Papers Just before the Flash Goes off

human action, person, photography, black hair, girl, While there are lots of things you can do in the days leading up your close up, you also need to be sure you’re ready to go once you’re sitting for the photo. Keep a couple of blotting papers with you so that you can soak up any grease that made its way to your skin since you put on your makeup. This is a super easy way to make sure you have that matte look you want.


Emphasize Your Eyes

hair, human hair color, black hair, face, eyebrow, Putting all the focus on your eyes helps draw the eye away from other issues you don’t want showing up in photos. For me that includes a shiny forehead and blemishes on my chin. Play up your eyes with dramatic eye shadow, liner and tons of mascara and people will naturally be looking at your peepers rather than your skin blemishes.

What do you do to be ready for a close up?

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You are so on point! Great article

I use a makeup primer about 10-15 mins after I apply my skin care. I make sure I powder my oily areas after I put on my foundation. I use white strips about a week before the big event.

and no sunscreen plus do morning skincare 30 minutes before makeup and keep care of your skin

I'm ready for my close-up

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