How to Keep Your Hands Looking Young ...


How to Keep Your Hands Looking Young ...
How to Keep Your Hands Looking Young ...

Have you ever noticed that, more than most other parts of your body, your hands can give away your age most accurately? You often see this phenomenon in aging Hollywood actresses and stars - they have beautiful, fresh looking faces thanks to cosmetic surgery, but move your eyes down to their hands and you will really see the extra 20 or 30 years that they are trying to hide! Of course, if you know how to look after your precious feelers before you get to the stage in life, then you won’t feel so bad! Here are some tips for how to keep your hands looking young.

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Anti Aging Cream

Invest in a really good anti-aging hand cream; they really are worth the price. You want to look for formula that not only hydrates, but that also helps to brighten the skin. This will help you to achieve a more youthful, dewy look in your hands, similar that kind of glow that your face cream delivers.


Gloves for Chores

When you are doing all of the annoying household chores that involves things like scrubbing, hot water, and cleaning solution, make sure you wear rubber gloves. You can prevent lots of damage from happening right at the source by not allowing these potentially harsh chemicals to penetrate your hand skin. For added care you can also apply lotion to your hands and wear the gloves whilst soaking them in moisture.


Consider Your Nail Polish

Lots of popular nail polish brands are beginning to take the toxic chemicals out of their products which is great, but you want to go one step further and find a brand that infuses their polish with essential oils that will keep your nails looking strong and feeling hydrated.


Nail Beds

Give your nail beds some TLC by using cuticle oil. You will keep them hangnail free which automatically makes your hands seem more youthful and fresh, and the moisturising layer will hydrate and keep ragged edges at bay throughout the day.



We’re good at putting sunscreen all over our bodies, but for some reason we forget the hands! Apply some just like hand cream when you are out in the sun all day. The skin on your hands is just a susceptible to aging sun damage as any other part!

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