Tips from Dermatologists on How to Deal with Pimples ...


Tips from Dermatologists on How to Deal with Pimples ...
Tips from Dermatologists on How to Deal with Pimples ...

From the very first moment that you get your very first one, the temptation to pop a pimple is overwhelming! Some people say to get at them straight away, some people say not to touch them all ... there are so many varying opinions on pimples that it can be hard to know which is the best course of action to take! In my opinion, however, it is always best to go with the advice this is being given by the most qualified source! Here are some top tips from dermatologists on how to deal with pimples.

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Assess Your Products

Before you even get to the popping stage, you should take a look through your products to see if you can identify something that might be causing outbreaks. Check out the use by dates on old purchases, look at ingredients lists ... all of those kinds of things that might be able to help you put two and two together to avoid future outbreaks.


Don’t Pick

Here’s the deal: you need to try as hard you can to not pick at pimples! It might look and feel satisfying at the time, but doing so can cause permanent scars to be left behind, and seeing a little pus come out isn’t worth having a mark there forever!


New Cleanser

Whereas using scrubs and astringents can make pimples worse, one thing you can do is look into using a new cleanser. Look for cleansers that have high levels of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, because these are the things that are going to help fight the excess oils that are creating spots on your skin.


Different Hair Products

You might love the way that argan oil makes your hair feel, but it could be the very reason why you keep breaking out. When you put oily products in your hair and then go to sleep at night, the oils are getting on your pillow and transferring to your face. Equally, if you have a fringe (bangs), those oils will be in constant contact with your forehead.


Diet Changes

You might want to consider a change in your diet. High amounts of dairy in a diet have been known to cause skin breakouts, along with all the usual suspect junk foods that tend to turn up on any list of health and beauty problem reasons!


Cell Phone

You spend a lot of time with your cell phone touching your cheek, so remember to clean it regularly! The bacteria on your fingers from constant scrolling can cause outbreaks when applied to your face!



It might be worth visiting your GP and going through any medications that you take with them. Sometimes medications have ingredients in them that you might allergic to just to the extent that they give your pimples rather than making you ill. There will always be an alternative medication that you can take instead!

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