The Vitamins Needed for Healthy and Beautiful Skin ...


The Vitamins Needed for Healthy and Beautiful Skin ...
The Vitamins Needed for Healthy and Beautiful Skin ...

Every woman wants perfect skin, but we can’t all afford to spend hundreds of pounds on expensive beauty creams and treatments. So what is the answer for how to get beautiful skin without the cost? Simple: just make sure that you are getting the right vitamins in your diet. With the right balance of vitamins, you will not only find your skin looking more radiant, but your hair and nails will soon follow suit. If you add in the general health advantages of having a good and complete diet, why on earth would you not want to have some more vitamins?

The first thing that should be noted is that vitamins alone will not suffice to make skin beautiful and healthy. You will need to be regularly getting a good amount of sleep (at least 8 hours a night), be drinking lots of water and eating a balanced diet. The vitamins, whether they come from an alteration of your diet or supplements, are only there as a booster – you should already be caring for your skin.

Many of us take multivitamins on a daily basis, but unfortunately, some of the brands that we are accustomed to are not doing as much for us as we may think. To test if your multivitamin is worth taking, drop it in a glass of water at room temperature, and see how long it takes to dissolve. If the tablet has not dissolved after half an hour, stop taking it – all it is doing is sitting in your stomach, rather than benefitting your body. Save yourself time and money and buy some other vitamins that I’ll discuss below. Do take caution with these vitamins; if you are pregnant or suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure, make sure you have checked with a doctor before taking these concentrated vitamins.

Here are the vitamins needed for healthy and beautiful skin:

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Vitamin a

Vitamin A is an extremely important vitamin for ensuring that you have healthy skin, as it aids the growth and repair of tissues throughout the body, as well as creating smoother and softer skin. Other advantages to taking Vitamin A include a potential reduction in the likelihood of several cancers (including lung cancer), and healthier gums. Foods rich in vitamin a are orange fruits and vegetables and leafy green vegetables.


Vitamin B

The second vitamin that I would suggest is Vitamin B Complex. Although many multivitamins contain these types of vitamin, Vitamin B Complex has specific advantages to the maintenance of the body. The reason that it is often taken as a supplement is because there are few foods that contain the vitamin – liver being one, which I’m not particularly fond of. This vitamin works on your skin, teeth, nails, and hair, but you will have to be patient; as with all vitamins, it will take some time before you notice considerable changes.

Vitamin B-1 will not specifically help your skin but does serve to increase energy levels and helps to tone muscles. Increased energy will decrease the tired look that some people have, which is why I am still recommending it. A tablet of around 0.8mg is enough for women to take daily, or otherwise, you can find Vitamin B-1 in dairy products and wholegrain cereals and breads.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E is the best anti-oxidant vitamin available, which will help to ensure that you have clean and healthy skin. A deficiency in Vitamin E can cause dry skin patches to occur, and also helps to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Sunflower seeds are by far the best source, but almonds and spinach are similarly good foods that contain Vitamin E.


Vitamin H

You might not be so familiar with the name, but you will know Vitamin H as biotin. You probably also associate biotin with hair and nails because indeed, it does promote keratin health, but it is also good for your skin. This is because biotin assists in the production of new cells and helps oil glands function properly. Getting enough biotin definitely help with the healthy condition of your skin. The richest source of biotin is liver but other biotin-rich foods are egg yolks, nuts, seeds, salmon, and dairy.

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