Here's Why You Shouldn't Skimp on Skincare ...

By EmMa

Here's Why You Shouldn't Skimp on Skincare ...

If you’re like most girls, you’ve gone to the store looking to buy a new lotion or potion to help you look younger, hydrate your skin and generally just leave you looking and feeling fabulous. That’s all well and good until you see how much it costs. So, whether you spring for it or not, you might be wondering why skincare products are such high dollar items and why it’s so important to buy them from reputable sources, like The Independent Pharmacy. Here are the answers to all of your burning questions, including whether the cheaper options are just as good.

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What Raises the Price

Sometimes the brand that’s attached to the product can instantly put a higher price tag on the item. But these items have to deliver and that usually comes in the form of more silicones, which gives the product a smoother, silkier feel when you apply it. It might also be due to the product’s fragrance, which the store brand may remove and mark the price lower. Sometimes mica or talc are also added to the higher priced items, simply because users like the way it feels. However, some of these pricier creams and treatments are made with lab created combinations of ingredients that are often patented so you won’t find them in any other such products.


Consider the Ingredients

Skincare companies want to help you, but they also need and want to make money. That’s why you should educate yourself on the product before shelling out the big bucks to use it. Even a product that has a patented formula might only have a 10% concentration of them in the product, where the other 90% is water. It’s important to read labels and ingredients lists so you can get a good idea of just how much of the active ingredients are being offered. You can also call the manufacturer directly and ask them.


Saving Money

Armed with your newfound knowledge, you’re probably wondering if you have to spend a lot to get good skincare. The answer is usually no. There are lots of great affordable skincare and acne products out there that will solve the specific skin issues you’re having without having to go broke in the process. There’s no real way to know if something is going to work for than to try it, so you might consider getting a sample to test before you spend a lot.


When to Spend More

Sometimes, spending more gives you peace of mind from a trusted and reputable brand, which is especially important if you have skin conditions like sensitivity, rosacea, eczema or acne. Some creams may exacerbate those conditions while others may not treat them, making them effectively worthless for use on your skin. If this applies to you, talk to your dermatologist about specially formulated treatments that target your specific issue.

Your skin covers your entire body, and is indeed your largest organ, so it pays to take good care of it now and as you get older. No matter what, if you plan to try something new, do so with caution and be sure to keep careful track of the results so you’re only paying for what you want and need.

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