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I’m always looking for a good lotion that can be used on any part of my body, but I have yet to find one that has all the qualities necessary for the various skin types on each part. I have one type of lotion for my face, one for my hands, one for my feet, and one for the rest of my body. Even though applying each of these can be quite time consuming, I find it necessary. I like minty scents for my feet, thick blends for my often extremely dry hands, non-greasy formulas with SPF for my face, and something that soaks in quickly for an overall body lotion. Here are 7 great lotions that I’ve found to be useful for skin during any season.

7. Hydrating Lotion - Giovanni Hydrate Body Lotion

Talk about an assortment of fragrances! This lovely lotion comes in cucumber, lavender vanilla, grapefruit, raspberry, hazelnut vanilla, white tea and bamboo birch. Lavender vanilla is my fav. Giovanni doesn’t test lotion on animals, which is always a plus. There are exotic oils and essential fatty acids infused in this lotion and it is perfect for healing, repairing, and smoothing out your skin. Amazon sells 2 8.5 ounce bottles of the lavender vanilla for $19.50. Some of the other scents can be purchased one bottle at a time for $9.95 or less, depending on the scent.

Organic Lotion - Dr. Bronner’s All-one Organic Lotion for Hands and Body
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