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Here's why you shouldn't worry about your skin type. When it comes to health and beauty, one of the things that people often get most confused about is the world of skincare. It isn’t necessarily that you don’t know what types of products you need to be applying, it is more the fact that there are seven different versions of the same item specifically for individual skin types, right? If you are somebody who always has to be conscious of what kind of products you buy because of your skin type, I am here to let you know that the thought process around this issue is starting to change. Whereas once we were told that paying attention to our skin type was one of the most important beauty tips to uphold, more recent thinking has actually argued that you don’t need to worry about your skin type at all! Here’s why you shouldn't worry about your skin type.

1. Your Skin is Always Changing

The number one reasons why you shouldn't worry about your skin type is that it isn't always the same. There isn’t really much point in settling on a specific group of products for yourself because the truth is that your skin type is always changing. It’s not like eye colour, you aren’t born with a certain type of skin that will remain that way for the rest of your life. Your skin type is constantly evolving as you age and as you alter your living and working environments. Here a few things that can influence your skin type on any given day:

β€’ Menstrual Cycle – the oiliness of your skin can be drastically different depending on what day of your menstrual cycle you are on.

β€’ Diet – the foods that you choose to put into your body can have a significant bearing on your skin health.

β€’ Medications – medications for other bodily ailments can often have side effects that are related to your skin.

β€’ Climate – your skin is very likely to be very different depending on the time of year, for example, the difference in weather between summer and winter.

β€’ Stress levels – our lives are full of stress at certain times, and this will often manifest in a breakout on the skin.

β€’ Hormone levels – the state of your skin will always be dictated by your hormone levels at any given time, including progesterone, thyroid, serotonin, cortisol, and estrogen.

We All Have a Skin Combination
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