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Why Korean Women Swear by Skin Essence ...

By Carly

If you don’t know what a skin essence is, then you certainly wouldn’t fit in with the majority of Korean women who care about their skincare regime! They are basically a lightweight, hydrating liquid that is designed to prepare your skin for products like moisturiser after cleansing. By name, it sounds like some kind of magic potion, but it is a simple product that is pretty much taking over the Korean skincare world. Here are some reasons why Korean women swear by skin essence!

1 Hydration

You need to think of your skin, once it has been cleansed and dried, as a dry sponge that won’t be so great at absorbing moisture and product compared to one that is already slightly damp. Facial essence is the thing that can provide this first step. It is the hydrating layer that works to properly prime your skin for the best absorption of creams and serums in the next stages of your routine.

2 Difference with Toner

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that essence is the same thing as toner, because they do different jobs. Toner is used to remove any last traces of cleanser and is essentially just water with a few essential oils and then some alcohol added for fast drying. On the other hand, a facial essence will often feel a bit more creamy to the touch and will contain higher levels of beneficial active ingredients that are designed to penetrate deeper into the skin.

3 Hand Application

Rather than using a cotton pad like you would with toner, you only need to place a couple of drop on to the palm of your hand and gently apply it with some facial pressure to help aid penetration. Doing this will also boost circulation.

4 Dry Skin

For those of you who have naturally dry skin, the best thing to use is a moisturising essence that is full of hyaluronic acid. This will help to balance out the damage of super dehydrated skin that has been working overtime.

5 Dull Skin

If you have dull skin that needs an injection of radiance, you should be looking for an essence that contains zingy botanicals and pearl pigments that have effective brightening properties. An essence like this will really help to wake up your early morning skin and give it more life for the day ahead.

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