7 Ways to Get Rid of Shiny Skin ...


Shiny skin is a problem that really heats up in the summertime. A lovely glow is great, but when your skin produces too much oil, it can leave you looking shiny and greasy, a combination that I hate to see in the mirror. You don’t have to suffer though. Instead of facing humiliation, try out some different techniques to control the shine so you can face the world, embarrassment-free. I plan to give them all a try and I think you should too. Here are the best ones!

1. Carry a Package of Blotting Papers Everywhere You Go

These handy little papers soak up excess oil without ruining your make-up. All you have to do is press one to the shiny spots and you’re done. Blotting papers come in packages that are small and easy to carry around so tossing one in your bag is a decision you’ll never regret. Shiny skin will never be a problem again!

Make a Homemade Milk Mask and Let It Soak in for 15 Minutes
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