7 Totally Doable Ways to Prevent and Treat Stretch Marks ...


Most moms want some great ways to prevent and treat stretch marks. Having a baby is the best thing you’ll ever do, but it sure does leave you with less than perfect skin on your belly, doesn’t it? While there’s really no way to get rid of stretch marks you already have, there are some easy ways to minimize their appearance and make them look lighter. Some experts say you can’t really prevent stretch marks either, but you can take measures to keep them from getting too bad. Here is a carefully compiled list of ways to prevent and treat stretch marks – let me know how they work for you.

1. Tretinoin Cream

Otherwise known as Retin-A, this cream is one of the most commonly prescribed ways to prevent and treat stretch marks. The cream is often prescribed by a doctor or dermatologist and should be applied exactly according to the dosing directions. Tretinoin is effective on new stretch marks, but doesn’t work as well on older ones. Get yourself a tube of it before your baby is born, then start using it right after delivery. It’s not recommended for use during pregnancy.

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