This is How to Be Kind to Your Skin in Summer ...


This is How to Be Kind to Your Skin in Summer ...
This is How to Be Kind to Your Skin in Summer ...

You need to know how to be kind to your skin in summer. It might be fair to say that more than any other season, summer can be the cruelest to your skin. From dryness to pollen irritation to the inevitable sunburn, the summer months throw a lot at our faces and our body’s, and the hot and sweaty conditions are eased by the fact that we all like to be outside, basking under the sun as much as possible! As with anything health related, prevention is always better than cure, so all you really need to do is be aware of the tips and tricks for protecting and caring for your skin during the hottest days of the year. Here are the ten best summer skincare tips!

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You should need to be told at this point, but it’s worth repeating! Wear sunscreen whenever you are outside in the summer, even if you are in the shade! The key is also to reapply every two hours or so. Don’t leave one coat for the whole day.


Expiration Date

Make sure that sunscreen you are using is still within the bottle’s expiration date. The chemicals and formulas inside the liquid will be redundant and useless if the sunscreen is too old, plus the fact that it could be growing bacteria and mould!


All Areas

Make sure to slather that lotion all over your body from head to toe, taking care not to miss anywhere. Remember areas like the ears, lips and scalp line, because they are often the ones that get forgotten.



It is vital to stay hydrated in these high temperatures, not just for your overall health but especially for your skin. The more hydrated you are, the more internally moisturised your skin is going to be.


Cool Showers

It’s good to take a cold shower and every now and then in the summer to give your skin and pores a little shock to the system. Hot showers will also dry your skin out a lot more.



You need to moisturise as well as use sunscreen, and preferably not at the same time. If you spend a lot of time in air conditioned rooms that your skin is very likely to be bone dry all through the summer.



Even if you don’t think they're fashionable, you really should be wearing a hat. They are the perfect way to prevent your scalp from burning and protecting vulnerable areas like the back of your neck and your ears.


Bug Spray

The last thing you want is irritation or reaction caused by pesky insect bites, so much sure to use a lot of bug spray whenever you are out and about.


Bug Bites

When you do sadly get a bug bite, do your best not to scratch and pick at it because it will only make it worse. You don’t want to reopen the skin and cause an infection.



Don’t just leave your sunburn to heal on its own, do your very best to treat it with things like after sun cream, cold showers, drinking lots of water to hydrate, and aloe vera moisturiser as well as home painkillers like ibuprofen.

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