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Stop Putting on Foundation to Cover Your Sunburn ...

By Carly

With this crazy summer heat wave making its way across pretty much every corner of the world, it’s fair to assume that you, along with millions of other people, are going to have to deal with a degree of sunburn at some point over the new few weeks! A recent trend has arisen; the practise of using foundation to cover up your sunburn and make your skin and complexion look even and unblemished. I’m telling you right now, you absolutely should NOT be doing this! Here is why you should stop putting foundation on to cover your sunburn.

Table of contents:

  1. Healing time
  2. Chemicals
  3. Proper products

1 Healing Time

Basically, if your skin is boasting a nasty red burn, then you need to be giving it as much room and as much air as possible in order to let it heal properly. Covering it in a thick layer of makeup will not give it the air that it needs to start the healing process. You might find that your sunburn stays in bad condition for longer if you continue to put product on it.

2 Chemicals

In particular, the chemicals that are used in any kind of makeup foundation product will be full of chemicals that, whilst not harmful to normal healthy skin, might have the potential to cause further irritation to skin that is already burned and damaged.

3 Proper ProducTS

Instead of being ashamed of your burnt skin, you need to prioritise healing it with products like after sun lotion and aloe vera. In this kind of heat, you are not going to be the only person in the world with a touch of sunburn. It is an inevitability at this time of year, so try not to worry too much too much and concentrate on healing your skin.

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