13 Summer Shaving Hacks to Prevent Rashes and Bumps ...


13 Summer Shaving Hacks to Prevent Rashes and Bumps ...
13 Summer Shaving Hacks to Prevent Rashes and Bumps ...

I think we can all agree that shaving our legs along with various other parts of our body is one of the most boring, time consuming and laborious tasks that the majority of woman choose to do! This always tends to rear its ugly head more in the summertime, when you want to wear more revealing clothing and therefore show more skin, skin that potentially needs to be shaved! The only problem is that one of the most common side effects and consequences of shaving body hair is the appearance of rashes and bumps, and those are the last thing you want when you are planning on showing off your bikini body in the sun! Here are thirteen summer shaving hacks to prevent rashes and bumps.

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Don’t Fall into the Trap of Thinking You Have to Buy a Dainty Women’s Razor. Men’s Razors Are Often Easier to Use, More Effective and Provide More Swiftness Because They Are Designed to Bend to the Contours of a Man’s Face!


You Need to Make Sure That You Exfoliate Your Skin before You Shave the Hair, Because This Ensures That All of the Dead Cells and Debris Are Removed to Give You the Cleanest and Closest Shave Possible


Shave at the End of You Shower Rather than the Beginning, the Hot Water Gives You Skin Time to Cleanse and Get Supple before You Go in


Stay Away from Using Bar Soap as a Form of Shaving Cream, It’s Just Not the Same. It Has a Drying Effect That Will Encourage Rashes in Particular


Shave Downwards First Rather than Upwards the Entire Time, Doing This Will Remove Some Hair so That when You do Go against the Grain, It Isn’t as Big of a Cut against the Follicles


When It Comes to Your Knees, the Trick is to Shave from East to West and to Make Sure That You Knee is Bent Nice and Taught


Don’t Start at Your Ankle and Go All the Way to above Your Knee in Long Stroke. to Avoid Cuts and Irritation, Make Your Way There in Smaller Strokes


When You Have Finished You Should Always Sanitize Your Razor to Get Rid of the Bacteria and Debris That is Have Built up. Hot Water for 5 to Wo Minutes Should Be Fine


As Soon as You Have Finished Shaving You Should Moisturise, This Will Help to Soothe Any Pores or Areas That Might Be Prone to Reaction


Buy Some Tea Tree Oil to Use in the Aftermath of Your Shaving, Because It is One of the Best Products for Easing Skin and Preventing Razor Burn from Occurring


Don’t Shave Your Legs and Go Straight out in the Hot Sun. Your Skin Will Be Most Vulnerable and Sensitive at This Point, so Always Put on Sunscreen if You Are Going outside


Don’t Leave Your Razors Hanging around in the Shower at the Mercy of the Humidity. Instead, Store Them in a Dryer Place to Keep Them as Sharp and Rust Free and Possible


If All else Fails and You Are Still Having a Tough Time, You Can Always Think about Trying Laser Hair Removal. the Faster Technology Evolves, the Cheaper It is Going to Get!

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