7 Things to Know about Skincare Repair Products ...


Skincare repair products are ideal if you have certain issues that need more attention that your standard over the counter products can provide. The important thing to understand is that you must talk to your dermatologist about using anything new. In some cases she’ll have to write you a prescription for the product. In others, you’ll want to make sure the item is appropriate for your skin health. In the meantime, here are some things you should know about skincare repair products.

1. Temporary

While I certainly don’t have the inside info on every repair product out there, what I’ve seen is that the repair products work great as long as you are consistent. If you stop using the item in question, you might notice some amount of regression as it wears off. Your best bet is to follow a regular routine so that you can be sure your products are doing everything they can for you.

Not Immediate
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