The Ultimate Skincare Regimen for Spring ...


Spring is here and for some ladies that means a little bit of a skin freak out. I’m suffering one myself at this very moment. The air changes when the seasons do and if you have allergies or sensitive skin, things may flare as the temperatures start to go up. Whatever the cause is, you likely don’t want to deal with issues when the weather is finally getting nice and you want to minimize the products you use on your body. Use this handy guide and you should have the best skin ever, now and all year through.

1. Start by Having a Microdermabrasion Facial

Spring is a great time to make an appointment at the salon for a microdermabrasion facial. This procedure involves have the top few layers of your skin sloughed off to reveal the fresh, lovely skin beneath. If you tend to wear a lot of product during the cold winter months, this makes sense because it removes all that junk from the surface, letting you start the spring with a clean slate.

How about a Relaxing Steam Treatment?
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