Struggling with Acne? Here's What Your Dermatologist Isn't Telling You ...


Acne plagues nearly everyone at some point in their lives. If you’re reading this, chances are you are suffering from a bout of acne and you want new answers for getting rid of it. Maybe you’ve gotten lots of good advice, but it just isn’t working for you anymore. Or, maybe you just want something natural that you’ve never tried before. Here’s what your dermatologist isn’t telling you about your acne. Now you’ll have the tools you really need to be blemish free.

1. You Have to Change What You Eat

Unlike general doctors, your dermatologist is trained to study your skin and not so much your weight or eating habits. However, what you eat plays a huge impact on your skin. By failing to get the proper nutrients, your skin can go crazy and end up breaking out. You should be getting a good mix of foods from each food group. Your skin will show it!

Stop Touching
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