10 Skincare πŸ‘© Mistakes πŸ™Š to Avoid ❌ Making ...


There are lots of skincare mistakes to avoid. When it comes to achieving healthy skin, the problem with there being so many different skin types and skin problems out there is that taking advice from a friend or a family, or even sometimes an expert, doesn’t always mean that you are going to be able to rectify your specific issue. From dry skin to oily skin to acne and blemishes, everybody faces a different problem at different times, but something that we can definitely all do is make sure that we have all of the basics perfected. To ensure that you are starting from the best place possible, here are ten key skincare mistakes to avoid.

1. Not Enough Moisturiser after Cleansing

This is one of the biggest skincare mistakes to avoid. You need to be applying moisturiser to your face within a minute of cleansing it. Your skin can start to dehydrate that quickly, so it is vital that you make up the difference with moisturiser immediately to eliminate dryness and tightness.

Using Bar Soap
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