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Amazing Skincare Tips from India ...

By Carly

I'm here to share some skincare tips from India. When the world is such a big place filled with a wonderful array of different beliefs and cultures, it sounds kind of crazy to only take tips and advice from your own country, doesn’t it? If you take the time to look outside of your usual blogs and beauty magazines, you might be able to open your eyes to the amazing ways that different cultures approach the world of health and beauty. Skincare, for example, is a thing that is approached very differently depending on where you look in the world. Today, let’s take a little bit of inspiration from the Asian continent and look at some skincare tips from India.

1 Aloe Vera

This is one of the best skincare tips from India. It's used all over the world, but more than anywhere else, India celebrates the wonder of aloe vera. It contains two hormones, auxin and gibberellins, that help to reduce skin inflammation and stimulate the growth of new cells to heal the skin quickly. This helps to minimise scarring and blemishes to great effect.

2 Yoga and Meditation

You often think about yoga and meditation for mental health rather than physical health, but when you get into a routine that helps to relax you, your skin can feel the benefit. The fewer worries you have, the more like you are to enjoy good sleep, and the more good sleep you get, the better your digestion and blood circulation will be!

3 Antioxidants

An Indian diet makes the most of all of the foods that are rich in antioxidants because they are more than aware of the positive impact that antioxidants can have on your skin. From diminishing toxins and aiding in cell rejuvenation, things like Indian gooseberries are perfect for providing your skin with a delightful and natural glow.

4 Tea

You might associate the history of tea more with China, but India’s relationship with it as just as strong. Chai tea, in particular, is something that is also filled with beneficial antioxidants. For an extra health boost, you can even mix in a superfood powder of your choice such as matcha, amla or moringa.

5 Turmeric

This is a common Indian spice that can be blended in to pretty much anything from a savoury meal to a smoothie to just lukewarm water with honey. If used as an ingredient in a face mask, it is known for being able to lighten dark patches and reduce the appearance of acne scars.

6 Rose

Western culture tends to look toward rose as being something for fragrance rather than for skin care, but rose oil can actually restore suppleness to your skin and give it a fresh, youthful look and feel. It is also antibacterial, toning and moisturising, three things that your skin needs and loves!

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