7 Skin Savers That Won't Cost You a Thing ...


We women spend an awful lot of money on โ€˜skin saversโ€™. That is, special creams and creations that promise to turn back time, lighten and brighten, and basically make you look like the eternal Elves of fantasy novels (darn their magical porcelain skin!). The only problem is, sometimes they work, and sometimes they donโ€™t, but most of the time they will take a large chunk out of your wallet. Itโ€™s very important to leave that money for shoes and chocolate, so here are my suggestions for some skin savers that will be so kind to your wallet, your wallet will come back and give them a check for a million dollars when it makes something of itself later in life.

1. Water

One of the first and best skin savers on offer is water. Seriously, you cannot drink enough of this magical stuff. It is ultra-cheap and it is really, really good for your skin. It hydrates your skin and helps prevent it getting dry and flaky. It is generally recommended that you try to drink roughly 2.2 liters - or about nine cups - in a day. If youโ€™re worried that you may feel the need to pee approximately 147 thousand times a day, just think about the amazing advantages โ€“ glowing, healthy skin that brings on waves (Haha... see what I did there? Cos itโ€™s water! ...OK. Carry on) of jealously from your friends. I try to always have a bottle of the good stuff with me, and I drink a huge amount of water. I even have a bottle on my nightstand for when thirst strikes in the middle of the night, and I take a big gulp before I start my day. If you begin the habit of glugging as much water as possible, you will notice a marked improvement in the condition of your skin over time.

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