7 Little Known Ways to Brighten up Underarms ...

If you’re one of the many ladies out there who are looking for ways to brighten up underarms, you’re in luck! Dark underarms are caused by a number of things like hormones, friction, skin condition and even certain deodorants but fortunately there are ways for us to take action! If you’re unhappy with your dark underarms and want to brighten things up a bit, keep reading for 7 ways to lighten and brighten!

1. Wash Thoroughly

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This is an underarm care basic but it should still be mentioned. Make sure you wash your pits thoroughly with soap and water or whatever body care product you choose.The point is to not allow any dirt or oil to accumulate in that area so whatever cleanser you use, make it habit to always keep it clean!

2. Skip Deodorant

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You’re going to hate this way to brighten up underarms, but many people with dark underarms have sworn off antiperspirants and deodorants. This trick doesn’t always work for everyone but if you use deodorant or antiperspirants excessively or use the wrong type, it can definitely work against you.Try switching brands or using only a deodorant for awhile to see it you can see a difference.

3. Forget Tight Clothes

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Friction from tight clothes can certainly lead to darkened underarms so give your pits a break by wearing looser clothing as a way to brighten up underarms. Tight clothing can chafe the skin causing it to darken so wear loose clothes in breathable fabrics like cotton so your underarms aren’t trapped in moisture and sweat in addition to being irritated.

4. Try Glutathione Soap

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Glutathione is something that’s produced in our bodies and added to soaps to lighten skin so this is a safe and easy way to lighten dark underarms. Glutathione soaps contain natural antioxidants and have anti-aging benefits in addition to lightening skin so you’re getting some great benefits all in one item! Be sure to find a reputable source when purchasing glutathione soap as there are a lot of fakes out there!

5. Give Lemons a Try

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When looking for ways on how to brighten up dark underarms, don’t forget to try lemon juice! Lemons are so versatile and useful that it’s not surprising that it can help lighten skin too! Cucumbers are also useful in lightening so you can also mix cucumber and lemon juice together and apply it to your underarms to lighten.

6. Skip Shaving

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After ruling out possible causes of darkened underarms, many people find that shaving is the culprit and will forgo shaving as part of their underarm care. Cream hair removers and shaving can irritate skin and expose sub-surface hair which can appear like darkened skin. Try other methods of hair removal like waxing, laser hair removal and I even know some ladies who tweeze as alternatives to shaving.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

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Another one of the ways to brighten up underarms that’s an easy home remedy is to apply apple cider vinegar to your underarms after you wash and dry. Simply apply the ACV to the darkened area and let it dry, no need to rinse. Keep up this treatment for a few weeks and you should see lighter skin!

There are lots of simple ways to brighten up underarms so you don’t have to live with darkened skin or shy away from sleeveless tops! Darkened underarm skin can be embarrassing but it's something you can change. So,try out these cheap and easy tips to brighten them up and start flaunting those sexy arms!

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