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How to Hide the Spider Veins and Stretch Marks ...

By Alicia

Everyone has skin imperfections like spider veins and stretch marks, even those who seem to have perfect bodies. Maybe you got stretch marks during pregnancy or during a growth spurt as a teen. However they occurred, you don’t have to just live with them. There are some wonderful ways to camouflage them to boost your confidence and feel better about yourself.

1 Self-tanner Works Wonders in Hiding Both Spider Veins and Stretch Marks

Self-tanner is your friend when it comes to hiding both spider veins and stretch marks. Since I’m a pale girl and cautious about sun exposure, self-tanner is how I achieve a bit of a glow. It works wonderfully at hiding both spider veins and stretch marks. Stretch marks are much less noticeable and spider veins practically disappear. There are many self-tanners on the market, but my favorite is Jergens Natural Glow.

2 Spot Correct Spider Veins with a Yellow Concealer

Yellow concealer is a great product to use to camouflage your spider veins. The yellow is amazing at hiding the purple and red tint of spider veins. There’s a trick to applying concealer to them to get the best results. Dot it on instead of rubbing in. When you’re rubbing in, you’re also rubbing some of it away.

3 Tone up to Turn Attention Away from Your Stretch Marks

I have two beautiful children…and an assortment of stretch marks from my pregnancies. They aren’t just limited to my tummy area, either. But I’ve learned something about dealing with them. When I’m exercising regularly, my body is toned and they’re less visible. So exercising has yet another benefit to offer you!

4 Use Dermablend Leg & Body Cover for a Fuller Cover up of Spider Veins

If you have a lot of spider veins and you don’t feel like taking the time to dot and blend concealer on each and every one, then you may want to try Dermablend Leg & Body Cover. You can cover all of them up at once or just apply where necessary. This doesn’t take quite as much caution in applying as concealer does. It’s reasonably priced at $23 on Amazon for a 3.4-ounce tube. It has some good reviews, too.

5 Try a Stretch Mark Fighting Cream

There are some creams that are available specifically for the reduction of stretch marks. I’ll admit I’ve never tried them but now that I’ve read up on them, I’m interested. There are various brands that you can choose from, such as StriVectin, DermaRESTORE and InstaNatural Stretch Mark Cream. InstaNatural Stretch Mark Cream has the best reviews and comes in at 4.4 stars. This is going in my shopping cart!

6 Say Goodbye to Your Spider Veins for Good with Sclerotherapy

Sometimes you reach a point where you don’t want to deal with spider veins anymore. If that’s where you’re at then this idea might be for you. There’s a medical procedure called sclerotherapy that can be done in-office. It’s done by injection so there’s no surgery involved. After sclerotherapy, your spider veins will fade for good over the next few weeks.

7 Relax about Them and Let Them Show

You know, your skin imperfections are more noticeable to you than they are to anyone else. They may be your battle scars from pregnancy, the rough teen years or weight gain and loss. Whatever caused them, you shouldn’t feel ashamed. It’s okay to camouflage them if you want but don’t allow yourself to get too hung up on them. While I have a little concern over mine, most of the time I don’t give them any thought. I wear whatever makes me feel beautiful and focus on things I like about myself.

Now it’s your turn. What are your thoughts? How do you deal with skin imperfections?

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