7 Eczema Triggers Lurking in Your House ...


Not everyone suffers from the same eczema triggers, but chances are some of them are hiding out in your house. I know that’s not too comforting, but knowing what the possible offenders might be can help you eliminate them or steer clear when you can. Your home should be a place where you can relax and rest without worrying about your health. So here are some of the most common eczema triggers that might be causing your problems at home. Talk to your doctor about treating your specific case of eczema so you can look and feel your best all the time.

1. Personal Hygiene Products

Many people find that certain hygiene products are eczema triggers. The ones that bother you might not be the same ones that bother other people with the condition. Shampoo, bubble bath and skin lotions are examples of items that might be causing your condition to flare. Eliminate your current products to see if you find relief. If so, you can assume that the product is the offender and you can find something else to use instead.

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