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Best Skincare Products Iโ€™ve ever used were not waaay to expensive, in fact, some of them were quite cheap and worked better than most much pricier solutions. I still use most of those products today, either on regular basis or during specific times of the year. Now, since Iโ€™ve used these products and verified how great they are, keeping them a secret would be totally evil. Thatโ€™s why Iโ€™ve decided to make my list of best skincare products and help all of you find your own! So, without further ado, here are 8 of the very best skincare products I had the chance to use:

1. Shiseido Sun Protect Compact Foundation

Shiseido Sun Protect Compact Foundation

Price: $26.50 at sephora.com

This SPF34 foundation is one of the best skincare products Iโ€™ve ever tried in my life and, looking from this perspective, I really canโ€™t believe I used to do just fine without it! My sister completely agrees as this is the only product that fits both of our complexions and skin types (which happen to be very different, by the way) perfectly. The foundation itself is very light but provides great coverage and amazing, long lasting matte results and SPF 34 really makes me feel safe and totally protected against all dangers that may arise out of spending some time in the sun.

Nivea Body Lotion
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