7 Brilliant Tips for Girls πŸ’ Who Want to Prevent Overnight Breakouts πŸŒ™ ⭐️ ...


On the days when you are exhausted and only looking forward to closing your eyes, and quickly drifting off to sleep, your night skincare routine is the last thing on your mind. However as tired as you might be, it is in your best interest to use the last bits of energy to properly take care of your skin for the night. This is your best chance to fight and prevent future breakouts since your skin uses the time you spend regaining your energy, to regenerate and repair itself.

1. Double Cleanse Your Skin

First things first, you absolutely have to remove every little bit of make up off your face at the end of the day. I would suggest using an oil-based cleanser, which will remove even the most long lasting waterproof products and at the same time cleanse your pores. However that is not it for cleansing, to ensure that you get rid of all the gunk and dirt collected during the day go in for a second cleanse with a gentle foam cleanser. This will leave prevent formation of new acne and leave your skin feeling fresh!

Don’t Forget to Moisturize
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