A Girl's Guide πŸ“™ to Giving Yourself a Skin Peel βš—οΈ ...


Chances are that you book yourself into a salon anytime you want to get a facial peel. The treatment is great for getting rid of the layers of skin on the surface of your face that are dull, dry and unhealthy. By getting a peel, you uncover fresh, young new skin underneath. Tired of shelling out the big bucks to have a facial peel? Turns out you can do a home peel some of the time and get the same results. Here’s what you need to know before trying it.

1. A Home Peel is Milder than the Salon Version

You may not want to totally replace your salon facials with a home peel, but you can definitely boost the results in between visits with the pros. The home version, however, is much milder and you likely won’t notice any of the redness or oozing that you might see after you leave the spa. The peel will still help you fight the signs of aging and give you great looking skin.

A Home Peel Still Contains the Acids That the Salon Ones do
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