7 Tips on Preventing Skin Dehydration ...


Whether itโ€™s down to a new brand of face wash or simply the effect of seasonal change, dry skin is irritating and unsightly. Luckily, however, it can be relatively easy to fix. In view of the impending shift from winter to summer (if you live up north) or vice versa if youโ€™re from the southern hemisphere, Iโ€™ve done some research and put together a list 7 tips on preventing skin dehydration.

1. Drink Water

I thought Iโ€™d start with the most obvious preventative measure on the list. We all know itโ€™s important to drink water regularly for a whole range of reasons. Make sure youโ€™re getting around 6-8 glasses a day; this will help to keep skin feeling fresh and supple.

Use a Gentle Cleanser
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