7 Reasons Not to Waste Money on Expensive Skincare Products ...


Every week new, expensive skin care products come on to the market.

These products promise to make you look younger, and appeal to your wish for a touch of luxury.

But is it really worth spending a lot on skin care?

It's your money, and you can spend it how you wish.

But here are some reasons not to waste money on expensive skin care products ā€¦

1. Miracle Claims

One of the reasons not to buy expensive skin care products is that they make grandiose claims that can't be substantiated.

They promise to reverse the signs of aging, prevent lines or make you look fresher.

Chances are they won't do anything that a cheaper cream wouldn't do.

Besides, if these products could have such an effect on your skin, they would be classed as medications.

Cheaper Versions
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