10 Amazing Tips for Having Perfect Skin Sans Makeup ...


Perfect skin without makeup is something we all want. Let’s be real, it feels good knowing you look great without having to pile on concealer and foundation to hide the blemishes and imperfections of your skin. Of course we all know it is important to wash our face every day, but there are a few other things you can do to help you have perfect skin sans makeup. Here are some great tips for looking gorgeous even when you have makeup free skin.

1. Sun Protection

As much as I love the sun and soaking up rays, I know it does major damage to my skin.

The truth is, long term sun exposure can lead to age spots, wrinkles, and other skin problems.

This is why I always wear sunblock and protective clothing.

2. No Smoking

Do you really need another reason not to smoke?3

Besides all the serious health risks, smoking causes wrinkles and makes you look older.

When you smoke your skin loses oxygen and important nutrients.

Smoking also causes the skin to lose collagen and elastin.

The loss of these things leads to wrinkles and skin damage.

If you want perfect skin without makeup, you really need to cut out the nicotine.

3. Less Bath Time

If you want perfect skin sans makeup, then you need to spend less time in the bath or shower.

The hot water removes the essential oil from your skin.2

These oils help keep the skin moisturized naturally.

To avoid damage limit the amount of time you bathe and opt for warm water instead of hot water.

4. No Strong Soaps

Strong soaps can also remove essential oils from the skin.

This makes your skin dry.

Get perfect skin by switching to a mild cleanser, one without harsh chemicals or abrasive ingredients.2

There are a lot of really great natural options, a lot of them with extra moisturizing properties.

Be Careful Shaving
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