What is the Proper Way to Exfoliate Your Skin?


Exfoliation involves removing the top layers of dead skin cells from your body and revealing the fresh, glowing skin beneath. It’s something that skincare experts suggest doing at least once or twice a week. All that being said, there is a technique that allows you to get the most out of your exfoliation, while also protecting your skin from damage. Here are the best ways to make sure you exfoliate the right way. Your skin is going to thank you for it!

1. Start with the Right Product

You should definitely be exfoliating your body and your face, but not with the same product. The skin on your face is much thinner and more delicate than that covering the rest of your body. That means you need a gentler exfoliatior for that area. Look for a facial exfoliator at drugstores. Use it only on your face and choose a body version for the rest of you. Easy, right?

There Are Chemical and Mechanical Exfoliators
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