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Some girls dig scars, just not on themselves. Maybe you got hurt recently or you are struggling with a scar you’ve had for years. As the scar treatment technologies get more advanced as time goes by, there is more hope that you can minimize your scar so it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious. Here are the best treatment options available. Talk to your doctor about the one that’s right for you.

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Take Good Care of That Wound if It’s Still Fresh

The single best way to prevent scars so that you don’t have to worry about them is to take extra good care of a wound when it happens. If you were just injured and are already worried about a scar, now is the time to stay vigilant. Keep the wound clean and covered and resist the urge to pick at a scab. This will go a long way toward preventing a really bad scar.


Be Diligent about Keeping Your Scar Covered in Sunscreen

You should be doing this on every inch of your body anyway, but if you have a scar, it’s extra important to practice good sun safety. Keeping your scar slathered with SPF will help keep it as small as possible and will also prevent tanning around it, which can make the scar itself look more pronounced. Make sure you apply sunscreen anytime you’ll be outdoors and reapply every 90 minutes.


Rub in an over the Counter Scar Minimizing Cream

While there is some debate among the experts as to whether this is effective or not, it certainly can’t hurt. Certain ingredients, such as vitamin E or cocoa butter may help keep a scar small and light in color so it isn’t as noticeable. You might also try petroleum jelly if the area is fresh and there is still a scab.


Lay on a Silicon Gel Sheet from the Local Drugstore

These silicon sheets work in a similar way to the creams. They infuse the scar tissue with ingredients that can help lighten and fade the area. You will need to use this treatment consistently for at least three months for it to be totally effective. If you can’t find the sheets, talk to your dermatologist, who can likely give you some to try.


Think about Trying a Bleaching Cream on Your Scar

These products are meant to lighten the hyperpigmentation that often occurs with a scar. They are said to help fade the area so that it blends with the surrounding skin. These products aren’t without their risks, however, so be sure to discuss their use with your doctor before getting started.


Make an Appointment to Have a Laser Treatment Performed

A good quality dermatologist that is licensed to perform laser treatments is your best bet here. He or she will use a laser beam to destroy the outer layers of scar tissue, allowing new skin to grow in its place. This treatment isn’t right for everyone, but you could be a candidate if you have a deep or large scar.


Consider Having a Professional Dermabrasion Treatment Done

This is another treatment you’ll need to have done by a pro. It involves sloughing off the top layers of skin using a special tool. This can help eliminate minor scars and will improve the appearance of deeper ones.

Which of these treatments would you consider? Do you have any other tips for getting rid of or hiding scars?

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To make your skin look flawless ***

Yes using concealer can hide your scars or blemishes completly before applying foundation on top for a flawless looking skin :)

I only clicked onto this article because I thought the title also suggested emotional scars

That picture made me think we were talking emotional scars or something.. So does the intro.. O.o

Evelyn note ikr

Scars show that you are a SURVIVOR.

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