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If you wonder what things to know about salt scrubs, you’re in good company. A sugar scrub for your skin is probably something you’ve done or had done. The sugar leaves your skin soft and sloughs off the dead cells, leaving radiant skin shining through. Salt scrubs aren’t as popular, but can be just as effective for some people. Check out these important things to know about salt scrubs and then give it a try. You’ll love the results, I promise!

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Removes Toxins

According to skincare experts the world over, salt is good for pulling toxins from your skin. Many suggest adding it to your bath water, but you can also achieve the benefits by using a salt scrub. Fortunately, it’s not that hard to find them on store shelves, but you can also easily mix one up at home for mere pennies. And that's great news if you wanted to learn more things to know about salt scrubs.


Perfect for Your Entire Body

While most skincare experts caution against using a salt scrub on your face, they are perfect for the skin covering the rest of your body. The scrub helps get rid of dead skin cells so you can showcase fresh, young looking skin anytime you use one. Because salt is often much rougher than sugar, it can do a number on the sensitive, thin skin on your face, so use something else there and save the salt scrubs for your body.


They’re Easy to Make

You can save a ton of money by making your salt scrub. It’s as easy as mixing olive oil with sea salt in an equal amount. That’s all you have to do! But, you can add a couple of drops of essential oils to add a yummy scent if you want to. I love to add tangerine to mine. What’s your favorite scent? There's some great ideas here skincare.allwomenstalk.com


You Don’t Have to Use It Every Day

Though you certainly can use a salt scrub every day if you want to, many people report that daily use is too much. If you notice redness or irritation, cut back on how many times you use your salt scrub. Try once or twice a week. Who doesn’t want to save time by eliminating a skincare step? So don’t feel bad if you decide to use your salt scrub sparingly instead of making it an every day habit.


Improves Circulation

Because most salt scrubs are made with sea salt, they contain a wealth of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for your skin. Using a salt scrub on a regular basis is an easy and relaxing way to improve the circulation throughout your body. By stimulating your body with the salt, you boost blood flow, which is great for how you feel, as well as how your skin looks.


Tightens Skin

No one wants saggy looking skin, right? To combat the issue, skincare experts suggest using a salt scrub. Again, the nutrients that the sea salt contains provide these benefits. You’ll need to use a salt scrub on a regular basis for the best results, so figure out how often you can use a salt scrub without bothering your skin.


It Can Sting

Despite all the awesome benefits of using a salt scrub, it’s always a good idea to make sure you avoid any broken or cut skin. Can you even imagine how much getting salt in a wound would sting? No thank you! So make sure you move around any injuries so you can avoid this unpleasant issue.

Have you ever done a salt scrub? I prefer a good sugar scrub, but you can’t deny the benefits that salt offers. Will you try one now?

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I would recommend that u don't shave before using a salt scrub. I Learned that lesson the hard way...

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