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Many of us embrace and love them, but if you don’t, there are some ways to reduce freckles – or at least make them appear less prominent. Freckles occur naturally but can also develop through sun exposure. They aren’t harmful but some people want to lighten them to have a more even complexion. I love mine and love them even more when the sprinklings across my cheeks and nose are enhanced by the summer sun. If you don’t love yours so much, here are some ways to reduce freckles.

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Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is one of the ways to reduce freckles as it is a natural bleaching agent and can make your freckles appear lighter. Wash and dry your face and then massage sliced lemons over your freckles each night before bed for a few weeks. Lemon juice works best on freckles that are natural and not ones caused by being in the sun, as those are usually much darker.


Fruit Peel Face Mask

Mix up a natural face mask of strawberries and kiwis. Rub the mix all over your face, focusing on the places where you have the most freckles. Once the mix has dried (around 20 minutes), peel off the fruit and rinse your face with warm water. What’s the science behind rubbing fruit on your face? Well the sticky fruit makes a bond with the skin and gently peels away the top layer, making your freckles appear reduced. You might have to do this over a couple of days to get the full effect.



Use freshly sliced eggplant to reduce your freckles by gently massaging the slices on your face to release the juices. Leave the eggplant to rest on your skin for 10 minutes or longer. Do this daily for a couple of weeks and you will definitely recognise this as a great way to reduce freckles.


Get Your Vitamin C

Don’t fancy rubbing things all over your face? Try taking vitamin C supplements. You can also get this vital vitamin from foods such as citrus fruits. The effect of vitamin C is to protect your skin from making new freckles. Also, avoid the sun on your skin when it is at its strongest and always wear sunscreen.


Bleach Cream

Bleach cream can help you to get rid of spots and skin that has become discoloured. Various creams are available, however it is very important to find one that is right for you. When you have chosen a cream make sure that you test it on a hidden area of your body first. Some of the creams might be too strong for your skin, causing an allergic reaction, so make sure that you don’t rub it straight on your face!


Chemical Peels

If you are really serious about ridding yourself of freckles then you can get a chemical peel. These peels take off a couple of layers of skin, along with your freckles. It isn’t a great idea to do this at home as you might struggle getting the right strength to actually remove the freckles. It can also be pretty tough to put on yourself. If you want this done then see a dermatologist. Be warned, your skin will be raw for a couple of days, however the end result will be smooth and blemish free skin.


Castor Oil or Vitamin E Oil

Rubbing your face with either castor oil or vitamin E oil is another way to reduce freckles. Before you go to bed, wash your face with warm water and soap, dry off your face with a towel and then apply your chosen oil. Let the oil soak in for around 10 minutes and work its magic. Leave the oil on your face overnight and rinse well in the morning. Keep doing this process until your freckles have faded. Make sure you do remember to rinse your face in the morning or your pores can become clogged, causing spots and other blemishes.

How do you feel about your freckles? Love ‘em or hate em? Or meh! Don’t care either way - they’re just there!

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First of all you are very wrong about flecked, they are not natural. They are sun damage from the sun. I go to a dermatologist at M D Anderson Caner Center. These freckles you love so much is from the first time you got sun burned as a small child. So it is not so cute. I have them too. I also now have basil which have to to treated & have to have surgery on my face. So has my husband, son & son-in-law. You need to change your mine about your cute flecked.

I agree with Puggy Pie! I love freckles!! In fact I wish I had more than I already do! Embrace them!

Your freckles.

I hope this works, I been trying to get rid of my freckles.

Be careful with the lemon juice. It increases photo sensitivity so you could end up with even more freckles if not used properly. Make sure to avoid direct sunlight after applying

I love thiss

Why would you wand to reduce freckles? They are sooooooo cute! :)

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