7 Things to Know about Freeze 24/7 Skincare ...


Freeze 24/7 skincare is an innovative system that many people are touting as a miracle. I know as well as you that this doesn’t necessarily make a line of products right for everyone. And I think we all know that some companies will say anything to sell their stuff. That being said, Freeze 24/7 skincare may be beneficial for you, but like anything, it makes sense to learn more about it before slapping it on your skin. You might also want to talk about it with your dermatologist before you buy any.

1. Claim Immediate Results

Proceed with caution here, but Freeze 24/7 skincare does make the stunning claim that you’ll notice immediate results. The company claims that research backs this up and that people who tried the cream noticed up to 90 percent fewer wrinkles within in 10 minutes. I’m skeptical about claims like this, but I suppose it could be true.

It Contains GABA
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