The Best Skincare Products to Keep in Your Purse at All Times ...


You carry your purse with you everywhere, so why not make it a skincare dream come true? By tossing in small containers of all the best things, you’ll be set for all your needs anywhere you happen to be. No matter what your skincare needs are, you’ll love the feeling of being prepared for anything. Wondering which products should make the cut? Here are the ones to carry with you.

1. A Small Tube of Hand and Body Lotion

I seriously freak out if my lotion runs out and I don’t have a backup. A tube of lotion is the #1 thing you should always have in your purse. You can whip it out after you wash your hands and you’ll always be ready to work on dry feet so you can wear flip flops without worry. It’s also great if you have an itch that you can’t stop.

Lip Balm in Your Favorite Flavor
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