The Benefits of Switching to Natural Body Care ...


Have you ever considered exactly how many chemicals and man-made products are contained in that immense stash of potions, lotions and creams you have for your hair, face and body? Admittedly it is easier to simply shop the aisles and pick products off the shelves but there are some great benefits in making the effort to switch to natural body care:

1. Avoid Allergies

One of the most important reasons to switch to natural body care is that unlike commercial body care and beauty products, natural body car products rarely cause allergies and use natural ingredients you will have tried and tested all your life: food stuffs like honey, herbs, yogurt, oats, lemon, beer etc! When you apply commercial body care products their harsh chemicals are absorbed into your blood through skin and scalp within 15-20 minutes, causing allergic reactions that can take ages to heal and involve many visits to your doctor, not to mention money spent on expensive medicines to treat the allergies. Natural body care is not just cheaper; it is far healthier and makes you feel better. So why use commercial stuff?

Improving Reproductive Health
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