Summer is Coming: This is How to Prep Your Skin for the Beach ...


Summer is all about time outdoors and heading to the beach tops many people’s list of warm weather activities. Are you one of them, but worry about showing off all that skin? You’re not alone. The good news – a few simple things and your skin will be sand and surf ready in no time. So pack that towel and water bottle, don the bikini and rock this summer, beachside.

1. Stay Hydrated

Turn the shower away from hot and opt instead for a lukewarm shower. Hot water sucks the moisture from your body and leaves it dry and scaly. At the same time, drink lots of water to pump your body full of fluids. This will help the skin all over your body look radiant and smooth. So easy, right? While you’re at the beach, make sure you’re guzzling water throughout your visit.

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