7 Steps to Follow Every Day for Clear Skin ...


Wouldn't it be lovely to have gorgeous, problem-free skin all the time? Guest contributor Leyla Javadova shares a few things you can do everyday to keep your skin as clear as possible!

Nothing irritates me more than a pimple that screams "Squeeze me!", which then ends up becoming an acne scar in a few days, screaming "Gotcha!" We've all been there! In order to prevent pimples and to keep your skin healthy and clean, follow these 7 steps daily (preferably before going to bed).

1. Open Your Pores

The procedure begins with opening all your dirty pores in order to clean them completely. Run a wash cloth under hot water and press it onto your face. The water and steam will help open the pores and clean the dirt. Just ensure that the water isn't too hot.