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There are plenty of reasons to visit your dermatologist, but I have collected the seven most important ones together for your convenience. You might be surprised to find that you can see her for more than just funny spots on your body. In fact, finding the right dermatologist is great for so many more things. My best advice is to ask for a referral from your general doctor or ask friends and family if they have a great recommendation for you. Meanwhile, check out these reasons to visit your dermatologist and get ready for some one stop shopping.

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Skin Cancer Checks

Yes, your dermatologist can do much more, but skin cancer checks are one of the most important reasons to visit your dermatologist. You probably already give her a call if you get a strange rash, but the truth is that you should be heading in at least once a year so your derm can check your entire body for suspicious moles or other growths that might need to be removed.


To Buy Products

There are tons of great over the counter skincare products on the market, but sometimes you need something specialized or with prescription ingredients. Many dermatologists sell such items right in the office so you can stock up when you go in for an appointment. Others only offer samples, but it’s still a good way to talk to her about what products might be right for your specific skin needs.


Firming Treatments

Maybe your skin isn’t looking as fresh and radiant as you’d like or you see sagging where you don’t want to. Many dermatologists are licensed to perform firming techniques right in their office. The treatment can be painful, but doesn’t require any recovery time, which is why you can often go in for a session and head out soon after it’s over.


Treat Hair Loss

Your dermatologist is a great source if you’re experiencing hair loss. She can talk to you about your medications, diet, lifestyle choices and other factors that might be playing a role. Once she comes up with a diagnosis, she can provide you with the treatment options that can help. It’s best to make a face to face appointment for this because your derm will probably want to look at your scalp and hair to help her figure out what’s going on.


Administer Fillers

Getting a little help in the wrinkle battle is much simpler than in years gone by. In fact, you can be in and out in just a short amount of time when you go to your dermatologist for filler treatments. Whether it’s the most popular Botox or something else on the market, getting your fine lines filled in is a relatively quick and simple process that your dermatologist can do right in her office.


Treat Acne

When you get a breakout, do you simply suffer through it or go with an over the counter treatment? Don’t feel bad – that’s what I do too. However, if you have persistent or bad acne, give your dermatologist a call. Not only can she provide specialized treatment for exactly what ails you, but she can also help you prevent future outbreaks and stay comfortable while you wait for the current one to go away.


Zap Unsightly Veins

Here’s my truth – I don’t wear shorts all that often because I don’t like my spider veins. True, no one else seems to notice them, but they’re just one of those things that I hate. Luckily, my dermatologist can zap them so they disappear or are less noticeable. The great news – your derm can too.

Why do you go to the dermatologist? I head in for my yearly skin cancer check, but it’s also nice to know she can do more for me if I need it. Will you call your dermatologist about one of these things?

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I checked with my regular dr. For a sore on my arm that I assumed was a garden scratch. He treated it with cream etc but after 6 months passed me on to a dr who specialised in skin cancer. Yes it was! Had a nasty op hopefully removed it. Yes, do see a dermatologist pronto!

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